Up Down & All Around

Addressing Special Needs

Fun, Creative and Playful

"Parents and teachers can learn how to attune to their children's individual developmental stages. Children with special needs such as autism, ADHD and social skill deficits can benefit from this fun and innovate way of learning important skills to help improve their functioning. An invaluable tool!

"This DVD is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers of children with or without special needs. Children learn spatial and body awareness, develop social skills and impulse control. They will learn the beginnings of nonverbal communication and work to follow directions while improving their coordination and physical health."

Dr. Anika Goldman,
Licensed Clinical Child Psychologist




Leaping Legs, Inc.

Up Down & All Around Addresses the Challenges of Children
with Special Needs

This DVD helps children with spatial issues to develop a sense of body awareness. It also improves their ability to control their impulses and follow directions. Learning to slow down or speed up one's body is important learning regulation, physically and emotionally. Also, learning nonverbal skills is necessary to improve social functioning.

Important skills that are addressed in
Up Down & All Around

  • Spatial awareness (personal space as well as the space around us)
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Body awareness (body parts, range of motion)
  • Gross motor skills (transfer of weight, traveling steps, aerobic movements)
  • Mind-body relationship
  • Sequencing movements
  • Relaxation techniques (teaching how to relax the body)
  • Quiet space
  • Positive body image
  • Creating own script or own ways of moving

This DVD is different then other movement programs because it focuses on children and adults moving together. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with your child through a kinesthetic experience.



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