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"My kids canít help but participate in the fun action on this DVD!"   - Becky, CT Mother & Yoga Teacher

"No matter where my son is in the house, if he hears the Leaping Legs video, he stops what he is doing, runs to the TV and starts dancing!"
- Tiffani, NJ Mother

"This video not only helps with my grandson's coordination, but my coordination as well. What a workout!"   - Barbara, NJ Grandma

"My girls (6 year old and 20 month old) love your DVD! My 6 year old daughter loves watching it and they both get moving together!! It's pretty cute to watch." - Stephanie, IL Mother

"It's both pleasurable, educational, and healthy.
I highly recommend this to all parents!"
- Michael, NY Grandpa









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Parents and Teachers: Here you will find links for our Movement Guide and our DVD extras. Click on any of the links below to download these free resources!
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Movement Guide

Up Down & All Around Movement Guide

Movement Game

Leaping Legs Movement Sequence Game

Action Words

Action Words:
A List of Words that Make Us Move!


Coloring Pages


Up Down & All Around Bingo Games


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