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"Stacey Schwartz developed a creative movement program for our early childhood center that inspired our children and their parents to move their bodies every day. The program quickly became an essential part of our lives in and out of school. Because the children were connected to movement in a fun and goofy way that allowed for the imagination and creativity of the individual to be explored, the excitement rubbed off on their parents. Miss Stacey forever changed our center with her incredible program and dedication to our children and their families."

Rose Francoeur, Center Director,
Rivier College Early Childhood Center




Leaping Legs, Inc.

About Leaping Legs Creative Movement Programs

The focus of Leaping Legs Creative Movement Programs is to help people regardless of age, experience or ability, become educated about their movement potential, develop kinesthetic awareness, and become more physically fit and healthy TOGETHER as a family, and community.

Leaping Legs promotes its goal through the Up Down and All Around DVD, teacher training, and school and community workshops.

If you are interested in learning how to bring one of Leaping Legs programs
to your school or community please contact: Stacey@leapinglegs.com or
call 860-455-3314.






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