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"It is so impressive to see how much the children enjoy the movement exercises and the ultimate calming effect it has when they are engaged in the activities and especially following them.

"The movement exercises promote developing imaginations, body awareness, healthy activity, and incorporates the mind body and spirit into a fun program. Parents and families participating together promotes a healthy family lifestyle that is more likely to be sustained. The sedentary lifestyles that have become a large part of our culture requires a conscious effort on the part of parents to incorporate activities that promote wellness in the family.

"The Stacey Schwartz Creative Movement Program provides families with tools that make family activity fun, promote body awareness strength and tone, gross motor development, and ultimately a healthier lifestyle."

Mary Wood-Gauthier BSN, RN School Nurse
Rivier College Early Childhood Center


Leaping Legs, Inc.

Learning the basic elements of movement and exercise is the key to developing a full sense of body awareness and confidence. This awareness encourages a sense of ease while moving as well as promotes agility for sports, climbing on the playground, dance, yoga and everyday activities like chasing your kids!

Up Down & All Around will keep you and your child fit by focusing on the three components of a healthy exercise program: strength, stretch and endurance. We achieve this balance through games and movement activities that are fun, silly and encourage adult-child interactions. An exciting bonus to this program is the element of live original music performed by children’s music artist Steve Blunt. What can be more fun than keeping your body healthy and strong by practicing new ways of moving to great toe tapping music?.

What makes the Up Down and All Around program different than other movement and exercise programs?

This program was designed specifically for adults and kids to move TOGETHER, ages two and up. We focus not on performing specific movements but on understanding the elements of movement and exercise to create a program accessible to all levels of movers. We use games, teamwork, imagery and yoga concepts to create and keep our bodies healthy and strong. A benefit of this approach is that the movements will always vary, keeping you interested, entertained and connected to your body. These fun and silly activities also encourage adult-child interactions. You and your children/students will enhance your body awareness, gross motor skills, balance, and spatial awareness.

What a great way for parents to interact with their children and teachers to interact with their students then through non-verbal communication. Plus, you are becoming a positive role model demonstrating the importance of keeping your body active.

Why is spatial awareness so important?

Spatial awareness is the kinesthetic understanding of the space around you as well as how your body moves through the space. To move freely in a tight space with out bumping into another person or what constitutes personal space is very important in social development. To feel at ease with your body and to understand how to navigate your body in all types of spaces is an essential skill for both kids as well as adults.

How does this movement program promote literacy?


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